Musical Apps on Android

Forschungsstelle Appmusik | 3. Juli 2014

The aim of Matthias Krebs is to find ways of enabling practically everybody to use daily devices as musical instruments. On this slides he wants to give an overview of the (dismal) state of android as a music creation platform from a musician’s point of view.

author: Matthias Krebs

published in april 2013

For Matthias Krebs the iPad is a pioneer in touch-screen technology and is still superior to android mobile devices when it comes to audio and music creation. Not only are there more external add-ons supporting the iPad, it also has many more apps available, ranging from music players to the most professional, coming with a wide variety of applications: soundtoys, app instruments, effects, sequencers, control surfaces, musical tools, etc. Concerning mobile music making, there will probably be no way around iOS in the near further – especially for making music together in groups or on stage. Because there are so many people with Android devices he will continue testing and he is planning to use Android music apps in music making workshops and with the DigiEnsemble Berlin.

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